Comunale’s work is woven into the fabric of Akron’s landscape. Start with the Catfish on Howard St. or the Cockroach on the TNT building. His works decorate Akron inside and out.

Other area landmarks include: the clock on the Everette Building the United 1 sign at Main and Market the Winerack in the bar at Crave the cement Sun Bears at the Akron Zoo stainless Palm Trees in Portage Lakes Canadian Geese in the Richfield Library and don’t forget… Zippy the Kangaroo, who’s made of recycled Mickey D’s stainless shelves

John Comunale founded Comunale Sculptural Concepts in 1991 and has maintained his 3200 square foot studio at Canal Place for the past eighteen years. During that time, John has built many things. Animate or inanimate, you name it, John can build it. What Comunale does is craft thoughts and dreams into reality.

John works primarily in stainless steel but is a master in most any workable material, be in copper, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, or plastics. If you want a 27 foot wooden Cobra Snake or a stainless steel BBQ grill that’s a life size bull.